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Federal Government Urged to Drop Coca-Cola Partnership

Excellent Summary of Soy Research

Diabetes Drug Avandia Causes Heart Attacks, Heart Failure

Drug Company Payments Coincide with Experts’ Endorsements

Is There an Upside to Depression?

Indian Reservation Hospital Shows Alternatives to Caesarean Births

Medicalizing Life

Long-Distance Runners Have More Plaque in Coronary Arteries

Americans More Aware of Health Effects of Foods

Six Traditional Remedies Validated by Research

Which Fruits and Vegetables Have the Most Pesticides

Health Reform’s Effects on Burgers and Tans

Journals Should Set Tougher Standards, Editors Say

Time Article Raises Concerns About Statin Use in Women

Pfizer Pays Tens of Millions to Doctors Who Then Praise Pfizer

New York State Health Commissioner Pushes Soda Tax to Fight Obesity

Low Breastfeeding Rates Cause Hundreds of Infant Deaths, Cost Billions

Do Workplace Wellness Programs Discriminate Against The Sick?